Friday, January 9, 2015

THE BOOK of this HOUR!

Recently, everyone seems to be writing a book - with their dark fantasies about sex and other tempting sins, or some fake strange stories from the noted campuses. All this 'book-rush' made 'book-market' full of literally crass stories aimed at instant success and fame. Amidst all cacophony of sex-cum-love stories, a serious admirer of literature that could present a realistic facets of the society, could easily become disheartened. But thanks to Social Media, specially my huge twitter follower list, I came to know about this book  'RI - Homeland of Uncertainty -THE BOOK' and its writer Paulami DuttaGupta. Frankly speaking, I came to knew about the book first, as an award winning Khasi movie, is based on it. 'Ri – Homeland of Uncertainty' (2013), was awarded as the best Khasi film in the 61st National Film Awards. Later, through the author, I was lucky enough to get a copy of the book.
 Book Details:
Title: Ri Homeland of Uncertainty
Author: Paulami Duttagupta
Genre: Fiction, Thriller
Publishers: Fablery Publications
Price- Rs 150
Pages- 127
After overcoming my last few failed attempts of reading new English Books from India, it took me for a while to read this book. Once started, this book is like fresh air among all stale tastes of the existing trends. Surprisingly, the subject matter of the book is highly unusual for any of the noted-unnoted writers - the insurgency in Meghalaya. At the times, when terrorism in making the headlines almost every day, we find everyone clueless on it. Not only is it avoided for a serious policy level thoughts, but also they don’t want to talk about it. And when it comes to the North-Eastern part of India, terrorism there is usually less talked about. Few weeks ago, when the Christian Bodo terrorist organization killed 80 people from other tribe, the outrage was not only feeble, but also misplaced. Quickly, it was forgotten too.
            But luckily, we have some people, who know how to put things better. And Paulami in this book has not only put it rightly, but also in very psychological perspective of it. The characters and their detailing are simple yet uniquely interesting. Stake-holders of the state, their responsibilities and their personal obligation on one hand and terrorists' thinking on the other hand is well balanced and beautifully narrated in this novel. With all its story, this book has exposed the ISI nexus running across the border in Bangladesh. This well researched book has also explained the corruption of security personnel at the border and how costly it could be for the security of the nation. The thinking of terrorists is also sketched in its own presumptions.
      I would like to recommend this book to all those realistic people, who love literature and consider literature as mirror of the society. This book deserves more popularity as most of us need to know how to tackle the menace of terrorism.
The book is available online through Amazon.

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