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It is needless to say Congress Party of India is an authoritarian political party. Since last thirteen years only a person from Gandhi family is heading it. And since independence only Gandhi family had control over it with a brief period of Lal Bahadur Shastri.

Hence they have used the mask of democracy for their real manifestation of authoritarian rule ever since 1947. Public opinion is framed on their wishes through distorted fact feeding through text books and media houses. 

The senseless comments and statements by Congress party leaders are aimed to specific electoral group. They know how to comment as nonsense and make votes out of it.

When Congress party rules, there is no difference between party and government. Party become the government. 

In a true democracy, despite having majority's government, every citizen has equal rights on services, facilities and resources. But Congress proudly proclaimed that minorities have the 'FIRST' right over resources. This rot is certainly going beyond the Jinnah, as even he dint claim like this. 

The helpless of opposition to counter such stupid proclamation gave an added advantage of congress. The silent spectator role of BJP proved their intellectual bankruptcy or the 'courage to face the Brutus’.

In this series of exploitation of govt institution by Congress; the most recent is the use of government media for proxy advertisement during the prohibition hours.  

It was 2nd phase polling today in Eastern Uttar Pradesh. The promotions and advertisements are prohibited a day before polling. But look at the method, how Congress use every possible govt institution for its own purpose - the prime time news at All India Radio proudly proclaimed PM's 15 points 'minority' development programmes. It was aired for one minute in each bulletin a day before polling day and during the polling day. This particular advt was aired before.

This tactful advertisement is all about Congress efforts to consolidate all minority votes in its favour. While other political parties cant do anything during this period.
A study published in EPW shows 2% increase in Muslims vote to Congress, bring them back in power as UPA-1 

After that, they managed to break in Hindu communities too. OBC quota in central institution was meant for this purpose. When unconstitutional Muslim quota was announced by Congress party, the OBC leaders like Mulayam Singh and others were sure that Congress will raise 50% ceiling in reservations. Hence they supported it.
The worst part of this problem, the only meaningful opposition BJP has no solution to these mean plots of Congress. 

But darker part of Indian politics is getting over. Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev have inspired masses to go and vote. The substantial increase in voting is definitely a positive sign.

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Well done AS. One of the best blogs written.

Good to see you back on form.


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