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"Congress Party is mother of Indian backwardness" - this is a well established fact. The cost we have been paying is huge. 

   I just found a pamphlet, I wrote three years ago while studying at JNU. The context was, the communist parties SFI (CPM) AISA(CPML) along with NSUI (Congress) and ABVP (BJP) were sitting on a hunger strike to implement caste based OBC quota in JNU. 

It is to be noted that government had already issued the notifications, Supreme Court under CJI KGB has already allowed the caste discrimination in higher education... but these quota mongers where still sitting on hunger strike for it.

Though it is funny and foolish act for any other rational human being, but they all were aiming to vote bank. All of them! Govt of Congress party brought this undemanded quota and all rest parties were biting like a dog. 

Have a look at this pamphlet.


Quota ke rajneeti karne walo ko chappal se maro

very effective and totally agree with you....

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