Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The art of survival in this mean world!

With increasingly self centered life, we are facing a world where an individual is becoming more vulnerable to personal disasters like depression, anxiety, grieve, anger and insatiable worries. Interestingly all these topmost sorrows of our lives originate in our mind. We create them, we nurture them and we make them devil to fight against ourselves. Many choose to end their lives by accepting defeat in this battle, many choose a negative way of life, and millions other lose their peace of mind. Question arises, why we become our own enemies by creating such demon in mind? Well, with the help of circumstances and environment, our mind stimulates the emotions and these emotions are very naive and tender to get hurt. When our emotions are hurt, our thinking process starts hatching the negativity which creates the monster in our Mind.

Photo: Sahashtradar Chakra, the source of self-conciseness 

In Buddhist philosophy, it is said that – “there are sorrows, and there are also the solutions to these sorrows”. Since these problems originate in our mind, it is in our hand to eliminate them. We need to witness our thought process. In Dharma (Hindu) Spirituality, it is said that watch your thought to become a man of character and control. By merely watching our thought process as unbiased witness, we can attain a condition where our thought process is in our hand. This process can be initiated by meditation. Meditation and introspection are essentials for emotional health. Always find time for a dialogue with oneself. This will bring peace in haste calmness in crowd, stability in crisis and wisdom in anger. Remember, peace of mind is priceless. Don’t allow any individual, institution, or even a cause to disrupt your peace of mind. Being calm and contained, you can contribute more than ever to those people, institutions or to any cause.


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