Saturday, August 27, 2011

Why All Politicians Are Corrupt?

Through text books and media, Congress conspired to us to believe what it wanted us to believe. They successfully injected and installed the idea of 'only congress won the freedom’ in the mind of several generation. With the help of this, they remain in power for 60 years. Slowly, they named almost all govt institution, programmes, infrastructures, public buildings after their family member. So, that half of the population which is illiterate, can assume that all is done by the party of dynasty. 
          The next step was making 'politics' corrupt and criminalized it. It was largely during Indira Gandhi regime which came after the fall of 'Sampurna Kranti' govt of Janta Party. Criminalization was done on caste lines; hence criminal got elected again and again. Not just within Congress party, but it influenced the regional parties as well. Lalu and Mulayam are best example of it. All of these by products were, are and will always be loyal to Congress.  
      Thus the stage for another thought propaganda was ready. This time ‘politics is bad’ had to be injected. They successfully did it. The objective was to keep away the aware and educated population from politics and elections. Media houses have been always working on the lines drawn by Congress party. 
If you say all politics is bad, you are abusing the profession of Gandhi, Bose and Bhagat Singh. If some party has made politics bad and corrupt, blame it on that party. Politics is neutral and it is necessary to run the democracy.  If all politicians had been the same, there had been no difference between Lalu’s Bihar and Nitish’s Bihar. By saying ‘all are same’ we are shedding our electoral responsibilities to more corrupt politicians. Congress set all contours of political traditions and public loot and this party has been getting away with it by putting all into same boat. 
                         Now, it is high time to untie all the mental blocks of the people. Lets vote out the most corrupt first, electoral punishment must be awarded to those, who breach the people trust and take government as their family responsibility for granted. 

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sisir kanti Majumder said...

All politicians are not corrupt,except those who are trying to have more luxuries,money etc.We know the people who sacrificed their lives for the betterment of the common masses.The illiterate and emotional masses are guided by gimic and false proposals and continuous propaganda by the media. We must be aware of these types of political leaders.