Monday, January 2, 2012

Endangered Males: Save them for your fun and future

When people of India are more concern about systematic corruption and loot by bureaucracy and politicians, the Indian media reporting about all possible distractions. Right from bringing porn star to TV reality show to printing reports about sex lives of Hollywood stars. Last Sunday Hindustan Times publish a report on 'Japanese men are losing interest in sex' ... Though that news is almost one year old.

Why such ostrich-attempt by media? They are involved in not only fixing public opinion but also ministers posts. Radiia tapes revealed some of them and unethically they continued to appear on shows everyday. Indian media is worst than Syrian or Libya media. However, this article is intended to focused on 'endangered male' especially the 'Indian manly man'. When Sagarika started playing with twitter, her first target was 'Indian Male'. Japanese are concerned when men gave up sex, Indian feminists intend the same. In case you are male, and don't have any socio-political identity of Muslim, SC, ST or OBC than god save you in India.

The agony doesn't ends with partial treatment and unaccountable victimisation, it also make way to mass scale generalisation. If a handful of criminals do some rape or murder, all males from Delhi come under fire from those enlighten feminist and political-fixture-cum-journalist women who once used lewed males for their fast track progress. 

All feminist, secular and leftist women look at a common Indian male with the cursing glance. Story doesn't ends here... With anti-male legislation, 70% innocent males are in jails now as anti-dowry act don't need any investigation or proof for women registering the case.

I have all respect for the women who are women and not the men-haters. Males have much shorter life expectancy and they need to be treated with little more dignity. Its not just me, even scientists are saying about extinction of male species from human-race. Good News for militant feminists but sad for others... Men will be extinct in future, therefore appreciate them now. 

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Swara said...

bravo sir, you are the mascot of the voiceless legislatively victimized sections of Indian society.

Dr Rita Pal said...

Well, its time that feminists stopped marrying men :).