Tuesday, January 24, 2012

May All of Us Be Happy

It is often said "follow your heart" and be what you want to be. The examples given are Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Amithabh Bachhan and so on. It is true happiness is to do what you love to do. However, it's only one side of story, the other side always remains in darkness... Just like moon, we only see the brighter side of it.

There are millions other who waste their potentials and talent just by following their heart and likings. 

No one is a Steve Jobs until he/she becomes a CEO of the Apple. The person remains a broken guy who goes to Hare Krishna temple in search of good food. The point is, you essentially need a success story. There are many talented guys who are much more creative and active but they remain unknown till their last breath - living in a Oakwood banglow of North America or doing some tricks of Dharavi Slum of Mumbai. These guys are no less but things didn't click with them or they didn't think beyond the horizon. 

The point is, you need everything: the heart, the hunger, the dream and the timing. In short you need a logical thinking. Following your heart is fine, but it must be in accordance of existing system and need. 

Life is like a timer, many people rush to collect money and consume material. But for what? A top official who has raised billions by graft, living a plush life with all sorts of facilities at his disposal, Deep inside he knows how cheap he is. Till last breath, even along with all his ego, he will know his crimes. We can cheat the world but not ourselves. 

Compare that with a simple Head Constable performing his duties properly even if he is in a department where nothing matters but corruption. He might have a hard time collecting his resources but he knows he has never cheated anyone; his self image would be much brighter and his head would be held high even at the deep inside of introspection and realization. Here, both guys followed their heart. At the end what matters is your very own 'self' and your honesty with it. And this 'aham' is connected with everything in this universe through our consciousness. 

We are lucky to be born in India where such teaching come with the everyday life (Though it is deteriorating with the time). We don't realize, but we practice it and it is in our genes now. An Argentinian friend was amazed to see the peace and cooperation in a slum life of Mumbai. Another American friend said the same when he visited Delhi's densely populated ghettos. 

The philosophy of 'Aham Bramhashmi' and 'Shivoham' are the superior concept which can't be understood by westerns including Islamic, Jew, Christians, Roman or any other religions, sects or philosophies. 

Considering self as an universe and performing the duty of daily life with 'Namaste' (Naman-Astitva= respecting the others existence) is the best for humanity, the true self with righteous life.Being universal in approach, with equal respect for everyone inclusive of their existence should be the way of life. Our petty problems such as demand, love, desire, lust, expectations and disappointment all become solvent on this state of mind. A yogi who live like detached person in Himalayas is not a fool, the tranquility of mind comes with a longer practice and understanding. With a disturbed and criminal-to-self consciousness, your all materialistic achievement are fake, you would die like billions have been.... All that matter is: Be yourself, respect others and never cheat your heart.
~ Sarve Bhawantu Sukhinah~
(May All of us be happy)


Dr Rita Pal said...

"All that matter is: Be yourself, respect others and never cheat your heart"

Well said and very thoughtful. Was never quite clear what the issue of Gaddafi serves in this piece. Maybe you will explain this to me.

FunkenAudio said...

Well thought out piece! Great read!