Saturday, January 21, 2012

Our Indian Blind-Faith

I don't wonder why an useless dynasty has been ruling India since 1947, which gave us national disaster like Kashmir issue. Needless to say the family ceded a greater part of Laddakh to China, Chickened on Tibet annexation. (Read Nehru's role in it. ) 
For the first few decades this party only won as 'the party who got freedom for us'. The name was important 'Indian Natioanl Congress'. Even Gandhi ji knew the repercussion of misusing the name of national movement and suggested dismantling it. But Nehru had long term plans for his shrewd and dirty socialist mind. He had launched his daughter in to politics by then, keeping the name was easiest way to win again and again.
The family did nothing but to seal its imprint on the minds of every Indians. Development and progress was never an issue. Kept half of population uneducated, poor and malnourished till date! And still manage to fool most of voters on quotas.
Are we growing backward? Or India has been developing in retrograde direction? List of backward castes has been growing rapidly. Now a religion which colonized and ruled India for thousand of year is new on backward. This communal move is not noticed or being named 'communal' by public opinion makers as they are pet to the power and they know only congress know to rule.
We Indians are less god fearing and much more govt fearing. This utter faith in govt is so deep that most of the time we sacrifice our rights to live with dignity and other fundamental rights. Carrying forward the colonial rule, the ruling dynasty ensured that they would keep ruling India at least for a century. There's not governance in India, its all about ruling Indian, literally ruling. Govt officials are neo-colonial agents, their entire attention remains on money making process and 'better postings'. By providing lateral-vertical quotas in those top-job the govt ensure that affluent-class from all caste would be with them. 
The state of the judiciary is much more horrifying. Here judge can give any judgement which may be not in accordance with the fact, evidence or even the justice. I happened to be at Supreme Court of India for the first time and landmark judgement was to be read by KG Balakrishnan than CJI. And he totally failed all my remaining faiths in judiciary. His verdict was the language of govt. The questions, why quota being increase despite further socio-economic development, on what basis such quotas are being given, income-expenditure of others and OBCs are same, than why quota, land owning is also equal then how they are OBC, why OBC list increasing, if decades of reservations failed to meet the cause, why to increase it further! - all these question were raised by best lawyers, evidences were produced but this guy gave judgement in totally govt tune. 

I was feeling disgusted about the judiciary... Other judges raised some points too. My fiends where hopeful about those points, but I knew, it was a purpose for KJB and his ruling were only applied. And every single indian accepted this with all their heart and soul. I saw this jungle-raj way of govt and I continued to dissent on it. I wrote articles and posted my opinions on some Social Media platforms. But I was shocked to see some guys who were part of the movement led by us, attacked me: how can you question the Supreme Court that too the CJI. But I knew the reason of their blind faith, I replied I see, what you can't see!
Arbitrary policy judgement is not just single case of blind faith. Go to any district office, no one is responsible for the work. And you can't do anything about it. The cut goes from district to the CM. The political scam-sters has not punished till date and it would never be, if the current system continues. 
India is probably the only country where the talent is discouraged on the basis of its identity. Much more (sometimes three times) scoring candidates are being denied admissions and jobs. All these strengthen the vote bank and faith for 'the family'. The rhetoric also help in poping up of useless leaders like Lalu and Mayawati who know nothing but self worshipping on public money! But our blind faith for democracy remains intact! 
There are some unanswered questions why this dynasty has kept entire India in its fixed fist:
1. Why colonial administration and judiciary meant for suppression and extortion kept intact?
2. Why 75% of Penal code belong to colonial regime? Are we Indian meant be oppressed the govt?
3. Why less educated guys, IAS are granted with utmost power to manipulate anything?
4. Why absolute power to bureaucrats: specially the collectors/ DCs? What govt mean to collect and rule with sticks?
5. The society acts, arms act and several other regulation with society, culture and association as old as 1790s?
There are several such questions to be answered by all 14 Loksabhas. But instead of correcting the tyrannical colonial rule, our most blind-faithed PM Dr Manmohan Singh went UK and express his gratitude for establishing the ruling mechanisms for Indians. It was obvious to understand, as his the most loyal PM for the family.

And all these are not just by fluke, it was well planned and executed. Else there had been no need to rename Congress (Indira) to Indian National Congress.

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Gaurav Sinha said...

Very valid points raised.

Anonymous said...

"I replied I see, what you can't see!" is potentially the best line in the article.

Layout would have been better if you formatted it without your Blackberry. Content though is superb.

Upvan said...

Well said my friend....
Hats off to you...

Anonymous said...

good one amit.very well written